The unique challenge facing charities and not-for-profit organisations is not only to operate in a highly regulated environment, but also to make a contribution to society - to make a difference.

At Hollingdale Pooley, we have the expertise and resources to stay at the forefront of sector issues. Helping our clients receive the right advice - at the right time. We can:

  • Plan the best legal structure for your organisation
  • Set up internal accounting and reporting systems
  • Prepare specialist audits and accounts, ensuring SORP'S compliance
  • Assess your risk management and prepare a risk management review
  • Assist in the preparation of trustee reports
  • Provide VAT and gift relief advice
  • Develop policies and procedures e.g. investment policies

And where appropriate we can also:

  • Provide company secretarial services
  • Help with tax planning
  • Assist in accessing grants and funding
  • Provide marketing and human resources advice

Our experts

Mark Pooley
Tanya Stratton