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Disability discrimination

What do they cover?

The duty of all service providers to make 'reasonable adjustments' to their premises so that disabled people do not face barriers to access, and the obligation on employers with fewer than 15 staff to ensure fair treatment of disabled workers.

What do they mean for your business?

  • Anyone who provides a service to the public or a section of the public must make 'reasonable adjustments' to their full range of physical features, such as kerbs, steps, doors and toilet facilities.
  • Small businesses, which had previously been excluded from the Disability Discrimination Act, must comply with the legislation, and must ensure that they don't discriminate against a disabled person at any stage of the employment process, from recruitment to promotion and dismissal.

Action to take

In addition to reviewing your employment policies to ensure there is no discrimination, you must make sure that your business premises are accessible to people with disabilities. You should take into account all aspects of your business premises, both indoors and outside. Draw up an access plan to allow sufficient time to implement any necessary refurbishments. You may like to arrange a professional access audit.

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